Other Passive Optical Components


1×19 POF – Splitter

The design rules for 1×7 splitter allow the fabrication of 1×19 splitter, too. Please notice that the splitting loss of a 1×19 splitter by itself causes an insertion loss of about 13dB. But, the increasing dynamic range of state of the art fiber optic sensor systems lets grow the future interest in 1×19 splitter for fiber optic multi point sensors.


Reflexice POF – Splitter

Reflective splitter are set up with POF splittet that comprise a common mixing area for the light of all incoming branches and a waveguide mirror at its endface. These devices are customer specific products.


POF – Splice

POF - SpliceA POF cable that is unintentionally destroyed during installation may be mended with a POF splice. It’s not necessary to exchange the complete cable. POF splices allow to connect two cable endfaces with an inseparable, quality optical connection.  To realize a POF splice a UV curable transparent optical glue and a UV light source are required in addition to the splice material. Download instruction “How to use DieMount POF splices“.