POF-Splitter Ensemble

Passive Optical POF Components


DieMount fabricates splitter and passive components for the application with opptical polymer fibers (POF). The fabrication process decribes “POF splitter fabrication“. In the beginning DieMount transceivers for bidirectional data transmission via one fiber core (directivity multiplex with simplex POF cables) were the main application for 1×2 POF splitter. When customers asked for splitter components as stand alone products, the development of new and modified POF components started. With sufficient customer request new developed splitter products became part of our product portfolio. Actually we offer next 1×2 splitter for directivity multiplex a number of passive POF components like 1×3, 1×4, 1×5 or 1×7 splitter as standard product.

Find out more about Passive Optical POF components in our Knowledge Base “Passive optical components“. Important technical parameters like insertion loss, excess loss, splitting loss and crosstalk attenuation are explained there.

The list below gives standard products from stock and customer specific products in the field of passive optical components. More customer specific componens are feasible on request.