Creative Options

Sidelight fibers are used to create light objects intended to provide decent background lighting also known as ambient lighting, and which often have a requirement for creative or artistic design. Sidelight fibres are also suitable for advertising objects.

Ambient lighting with sidelight fibers

Besides their effect as design objects, side light fiber systems are also an attractive alternative to night lighting in living rooms, corridors or waiting rooms. It is suitable for all places where excessive brightness is not desired. Since the power consumption of the sidelight fiber systems is only in the range of a few watts, a pleasant light atmosphere can be created with low consumption costs.

mirror with sidelight POF

The picture on the left shows the integration of a sidelight fiber into a wall mirror. Sidelight fiber systems in furniture offer the option to combine noble materials with pleasant light.

table lamp with sidelight POF white
table lamp with sidelight POF white