Active POF Splitter

1 x 3 active POF - Splitter

Fiber optic sensor systems and some other applications need light consisting of several wavelengths (RGB light) inside polymer optical waveguides (POF). A technical approach to realize RGB light inside POF are active POF splitters.

DieMount active POF-Splitter

An active POF splitter consists of a passive POF splitter and LED modules attached to every splitter branch. Depending on the application photo detectors like PIN diodes may substitute the LED module.

1x4 active POF splitter
1×4 active POF splitter

Applications are:

  • POF fiber optic sensor systems that require 2 or more wavelengths to acquire the measurand,
  • if the POF cable is designated to illuminate a small target at a hard-to-reach place with light of different colours,
  • a WDM (wavelength devision multiplex) transmission system that transmits signals with at least 2 different wavelenghts.

In order to calculate the system‘s performance, e.g. optical output power, the splitter insertion loss and symmetry, respectively, must be known.

The instruction “Active POF splitter light sources: an approach to RGB light in POF”  provides typical technical figures for the combined active splitter devices and helps to design POF coupled RGB transmitters for many potential applications.