POF mediaconverter Cuba 650nm duplex with Pigtail

data transmission via POF

Spring 2017: Introduction Cuba-POF-mediaconverter
22th-24th Sept.2015 Exhibition and partizipation in 24th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers in Nuremberg
Download presentation: Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) based Sensors for the measurement of Elongation via Single Fiber (Dr.H.Kragl/B.Offenbeck)
10.06.2009 - DieMount wins cluster price information technology at IQ Innovation Price Middle Germany
16./17.04.2009- at the 27. ITG 5.4.1 professional group meeting in Wernigerode DieMount presents new developments for side light fiber systems:
3mm side and end light fiber LED modules
17.07.2007- at the 23. ITG 5.4.1 professional group meeting in Erlangen DieMount presents the novel POF SFP transceiver moduls:

System technology for POF inhouse networks
18.05.2006 - DieMount presents latest POF-developments at the 21. ITG 5.4.1 professional group meeting "Optische Polymerfasern" in Oldenburg:
A product family for simplex POF home networks
Optical freespace communication (OFC) with POF feeder lines
05.04.2006 - DieMount GmbH moves to Wernigerode

DieMount moved now to Wernigerode. From now on please contact us here:

Giesserweg 3, D-38855 Wernigerode

Tel.: +49 (0) 3943 625 9760
Fax: +49 (0) 3943 625 9759
30.05.2005 -
DieMount show its products on Laser 2005 fair (from June, 13th to June, 16th 2005) on the common both "Kompetenznetze Optische Technologien".
08.03.2005 - DieMount's first presentation of simplex POF data transmission system on the 19. ITG 5.4.1. professional group meeting "Optische Polymerfaser" in Wetzikon, Switzerland
Download the presentation: Fast Ethernet Simplex Transceivers for POF Inhouse LAN
spotlight LED09.09.2004 - Very efficient LED-modul comprising plastic optical reflector

New designs of LED moduls are an interesting innivation for LED illumination applications. The spotlight design combines a metall and a plastic optical reflector and allows therefore to achieve a very narrow radiation angle in combination with a high coupling efficiency. As a consequence the spotlight LED is predestined for spotillumination, LED-arrays and fiber-chip coupling.
In the September issue 2004 of "Laser+Photonik" Leica Projektion GmbH Zett Geräte and DieMount GmbH report on their joint development of the spotlight LED.
Download the article
15.03.2004 - 18. ITG 5.4.1 professional group meeting "Optische Polymerfasern"

On March, 9th 2004 the 18. meeting of ITG professional group 5.4.1 "Optische Polymerfasern" takes place at the DieMount site in Erfurt.

DieMount contributes two presentations:
POF Fast Transceivers (Dr.-Ing. Hans Kragl)
Grinded polymer fiber couplers (Dr.-Ing. Hans Kragl)
25.03.2003 - 15. ITG 5.4.1 professional group meeting "Optische Polymerfasern"

On the 15. meeting of ITG professional group 5.4.1 "Optische Polymerfasern" in Offenburg DieMount presents its latest development results on the subject "Green transmitter LED for 125 Mbit/s data transmission on PMMA-POF" ( Download the presentation).
24.10.2001 - 11. ITG 5.4.1 professional group meeting "Optische Polymerfasern"

On October, 24th 2001 the professional group meeting "Optische Polymerfasern" takes place in Friedberg. For the first time DieMount discloses the new and now patent protected novel process for fiber chip coupling. Download the presentation "Pigtailed transmitter LED".