Basing on the 3mm fiber coupled PowerLED products the PowerLED pointer was developed to generate with one LED module a sharp defined light spot on an arbitrary object. The PowerLED pointer is used in industrial machines as an optical light pointer for user support. The very narrow radiation angle allows light barrier applications where the use of laser diodes is not feasible due to eye safety reasons.


schema LED-Pointer

 PowerLED Pointer

Inside the module a short piece of 3mm diameter POF is coupled to a PowerLED die via a micro reflector. The opposite POF endface is imaged via a movable plastic lens. The module generates a sharp light point that is used alternatively to laser diodes as a pointer or as part of a light barrier. If a high precision foil is placed on top of the POF, the foil structure is imaged like a photo slide.

Download: data sheet PowerLED Pointer.