LED modules for 2 dimensional light waveguides


The DieMount LED modules for 2 dimensional light waveguides were developed to illuminate planar light guiding sheets with 3mm – 3.5mm thickness.



Schema LED modul for 2D optical waveguide

Principle of DieMount LED module for 2 dimensional light waveguides


Illumination technology uses 2 dimensional waveguides to realize LED lamps or shining advertising spaces. They can be made from every transparent material with scattering particels inside for light emission. Lamp glasses made of glass with air bubbles generate a very pleasent light impression.

The micro reflector inside the LED module reflects even light rays that are emitted under bif angles to the optical axis into the 2 dimensional slab waveguide. The coupling efficiency between LED die and waveguide is optimzed this way.

As the coupling element is designed as heat sink, the module doesn’t require further heat sink elements even though it is operated with 1W electrical power. If the slab waveguide is made of glass there is an additional heat dissipation via the glass. Similar to the other DieMount PowerLED products the system of LED die, submount, and heat sink is an electro-optical unit that needs no further heat dissipation.

The LED module can be connected without the necessity to take care of thermal heat dissipation. The connector system of choice for all DieMount PowerLED modules is the edge card connector according to the SFP standard. SFP connectors are used in volume for telecom and datacom applications and are low cost as a consequence. Each SFP connector comprises 20 contacts that can be used to privide seperate contacts for LED modules of different colour. Even a temperature sensor and a monitor diode for brightness control is feasible.

Please find the details of the SFP connector system for power LED modules in the data sheet  “PowerLED SFP connector“.

In order to combine a group of LED modules in a LED lamp for operation with 230V power supply there are suitable wiring harnesses available.




The photos below show as an example LED lamps made of glass with small air bubbles (foam glass lamp). The lamps were developed in cooperation with Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall & Co.KG, a company sited in Wernigerode close to DieMount.