The technology for fiber-chip coupling as developed for optical data transmission transceivers can be applied in illumination technique as well. High fiber-chip coupling efficiency generates more light in the fiber at constant electrical power consumption and allows to save energy. High quality fiber-chip coupling is inevitable, if high optical power  intensities shall be generated.

Fiber coupled modules are available in two versions, too: modules with standard LED and modules with PowerLED dice. Standard LED dice have an edge length of up to 340µm, PowerLED dice of up to 1000µm. As PowerLED dice operate with an electrical power of more than 1W, they require an integrated heatsink for heat dissipation. As a consequence the setup technology for both types of modules must be different though functionality is similar in both cases.


Standard LED with coupled POF pigtails

If high optical power is required at a hard-to-reach place, e.g. inside an apparatus or at a distant place outside, without the option to mount the LED module and its power supply, POF modules are a possible solution. Due to the high coupling efficiency between LED and POF the module generates at the POF endface an optical power of up to 7mW with 20mA oparting current only.

On request we fabricate modules with different types of optical waveguides (POF), too.

As LED modules with POF pigtails are intended for illumination application, we do not guarantee in general figures like bandwidth or maximum data rate for this type of product.

Download  data sheet  LED-Fiberkopplung.

PowerLED with coupled POF pigtails

PowerLED coupled to 1mm POF

Special applications require the maximum feasible optical LED power coupled to a standard POF without respect to necessary electrical power. In this case butt couplong of 40mil size LED dice is the design of choice. The optical power coupled to a 1mm diameter POF is maximum, if the POF endface covers the radiating 40mil size LED surface. As coupling efficiency compared with a ray forming micro reflector coupling is worse, high thermal losses occur. Up to a LED current of 200 mA the design will cope with the thermal losses by a thermal well connected heat distributing especially long copper ferrule. The LED current can be increased up to 350 mA, if in addition copper foils are attached to the ferrule.

Download data sheet PowerLED – POF


3mm POF PowerLED

3mm POF PowerLED

The PowerLED module for coupling of 3mm polymeric optical fibers was primarily developed for the application of 3mm side light fibers. But 3mm standard POF are also suitable for this module of course.
The photo left shows a 3mm POF PowerLED module with SFP connector. The light guide diameter was increased from 3mm to 5mm with suiatable tube.
Download: data sheet 3mm POF coupled PowerLED .



A new DieMount development are RGB LED modules for 3mm POF. The modules comprise 3 20mil LED dice with different wavelengths. Depending on which LED die is electrically contacted the fiber illuminates with the corresponding wavelength. With a suitable control unit variing colours can be realized. The photo above shows a module with different current control.

Download data sheet 3mm RGB POF LED.



The subsequent photos shall give an idee on the potential applications of our fiber coupled LED products for illumination.