Products with POF coupled LED can be used in a variety of ways


Schema SL POF

POF coupled LED modules for side light and end light fiber illumination

POF coupled LED modules allow the generation of high light densities at difficult accessible places, e.g. inside a complex sensor setup. The option to couple light of different optical wavelengths by optical splitters into a single output fiber offers new opportunities in the design of fiber optical illumination modules. Optical fibers that are designed to radiate light (side light fibers) offer new approaches for the LED illumination technology.


schema LED-Pointer

LED Pointer

Contrary to the spotlight setup the LED pointer generates via an optical image a sharp illuminated spot. It is used for light pointer and light barrier systems that do not allow the application of laser diodes due to eye safety or lifetime reasons.


Schema SpotlightLED

LED Spotlight

DieMount’s spotlight LED are fabricated by the technology of microstructured submounts, too. The complete LED light is emitted with high efficiency to a small angle of typically ±3-4°. Light losses as typical for alternative LED packages do not occur. The optical ray formation is done by a combination of two reflectors, a metallic reflector around the LED die and a plastic reflector that is inserted to the metallic reflector and operates on the basis of total reflection.
This design allows the efficient illumination of objects. LED operating current can be low thus increasing the LED lifetime and reducing the electrical power consumption.


LED modules for 2 dimensional light waveguides

Illumination technology uses 2 dimensional waveguides to realize LED lamps or shining advertising spaces. They can be made from every transparent material with scattering particels inside for light emission.
Lamp glasses made of glass with air bubbles generate a very pleasent light impression. During the lamp glass fabrication small air bubbles are introduced to the interior glass material and scatter the ligth guided inside the 2 dimensional glass waveguide. Other suitable 2 dimensional light waveguides are transparent plastic sheets with introduced scattering particles or roughened surfaces. Our LED modules for 2 dimensional light waveguides are designed for a waveguide thickness of 3 – 3.5mm.